Sunday, May 5, 2013

Neon Lights - one of my favourites

performed last night in Hong Kong - KRAFTWERK 3D show - the 3D you cannnot see here.........


Already can find a lot on YOU TUBE - I hope Mr. Huetter will not call his lawyers immediately.
Please see here some selection:

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Buddha Box FM4 bought in Tokyo

2 photos here: It is brand new FM4 version - available in 4 colors - here you see the orange version:
And here the link - just click here !

Brian Eno for Dunhill

Here the advertising first:
Full interview just click here !

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Photos made in Five G - Tokyo 21.02.2013

When I arrived there - shop was still closed: They open at 12:00 pm - remember this when you want to go there. But I was there a few minutes before 12, so they opened very soon after I have arrived. 4 people staff + owner (?) inside. Very polite & I was immediately allowed to make photos - just enjoy the above photos - I did not label them etc but you know what this all is. Besides a lot of vintage they also sell new machines: I saw a Mopho, an Arturia Minibrute, Doepfer Dark etc there. I was very tempted to buy the A100 but finally hold myself back somewhat.
Here some more photos:

Find the FiveG in Tokyo

So sorry for slow posting ! Visited Tokyo last week & surely needed to go to the famous vintage synth shop called FIVE G. Here first 2 photos how to find there - it is very easy. Please check the pictures.
When you come out of Takeshita exit you will immediately see the "Le Ponte Bldg." - just go in and find them on the 4th floor !