Saturday, September 5, 2009


So the SCMP writes following about the SPAACE MAAN:
....31 year old Spaace Maan said he was introduced to Hong Kong in May this year when Romanthony, the American DJ, producer & singer, who provided vocals for French duo Daft Punk's hit One more time, played a gig here. Spaace Maan, who described his music as a cross between electro-pop and retro-futuristic, said he first took to the streets of Lan Kwai Fong with his music because he loved the city. It became the breeding ground for his first creative project a CD featuring a couple of tracks with Romanthony and some with local singers on backing vocals, which will be released with a manga comic about Spaace Maan's adventures. The album is planned fo launch at one of the world's biggest music industry trade fairs, The Marche International du Disque et dé lÉdition Musicale, at Cannes in January.
Spaace Maan declined to reveal many personal details, though he said: "I come from Spaace. I'm always happy and never complain."
He said he came to Hong Kong because he had a secret lover in the city.
He hoped to bring fun to people. "Few people are scared of me,"he said. Many are surprised and intrigued. He said he would continue to make surprise appearances.
"Just give me a big hug next time you see me."
If I can find out more I will surely post here.
Here is a ROMANTHONY re-mix from Kerri Chandler.

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