Thursday, April 8, 2010

Email to David Byrne

Okay - see recent post with this Santigold song. I was wondering what makes Imelda Marcos so much worth making a whole record about her life. Married to a dictator who has abused the people in the country he was ruling for many years. Then running away with a lot of cash and 1,000 pairs of shoes...or maybe I got the message wrong. Anyhow yesterday received an email from David Byrne (personally ? not really you can guess already......). They are promoting this album called:
then some promotional text about 2 CD and booklet with photos of this Imelda and so on ..............+ this link
finally email signed by David Byrne (wonder why not FATBOY SLIM also signed as he is also involved in this "opera" about Imelda).
Anyhow so I thought let me ask David directly what is his motive to make this rather not very good person now famous with his music (which is quite cool by the way) - approx here my words:
Hopefully Imelda Marcos not get any shares on the sales of this compilation – and anyhow I think she is NOT a very good person – she was married with a corrupt dictator and did not do very good for her people – what is so fascinating to “honor” her with such a good sound ? Or do I get something wrong ?
Best regards from Hong Kong
And here comes the answer:
You have written to a person that doesn't exist. We're sorry, but no one lives here right now.
Feel welcome to email to Mr David Byrne (even it seems he DOES NOT EXIST - just give it a try - maybe they have different answers for each day of the week):
David Byrne
This is not really good marketing.

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