Monday, September 13, 2010

SNOBLIND from Hong Kong

Interesting - please read here - see some videos. I can see (not sure) they are using at least some Korg KP or Kaossilator also (but not sure) the drums coming from an ELECTRIBE:

The name "Snoblind" was based on Robert Sabbag's novel "Snowblind".

Getting bored with the average cubicle life, Snoblind was formed in 2002 when two cubicle jockeys (Vincent and Regina) who happened to play bass and guitar get hooked up and started make music with their computers. What started as a water-fountain conversation joke project blossomed into a full fledge on-going sonic and visual experiment.

With an intelligent blend of technology and live instrumentation, Snoblind expressively deliver music in a wide range of styles, from street tough, bass heavy hiphop to swirling ambient soundscape, from spliffed out dub funk to in your face punk rock. Whatever style it is, the baseline of Snoblind is one thing: head music for your soul.

Our influences are DJ Shadow, Coldcut, 2 Many DJs, David Holmes, Bill Laswell, RZA, Bill Frisell, John Coltrane, Techno Animal, Prefuse 73, Blockhead, early 90s hiphop, Nirvana, Babes in Toyland, Skid Row, Guns and Roses, indie punk etc.

More details you can find here:

Snoblind Live at Time Out Hong Kong's Big Night Out from Snoblind on Vimeo.

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