Saturday, December 4, 2010

volfram - hand made pacthable synthesizer from ::vtol::

This one from Sin: Ned - videos at the end of post:

Dear friends & fellow artists,

Russian electronic musician and instrument maker ::vtol:: will be performing in Hong Kong (Nov-20), Shenzhen (Nov-27) and Foshan (Nov-28). Sadly, he will have only one extra synth available with him for this trip.
The one available is volfram, one of the core synth modules of his collection.
Desription from ::vtol::
" Volfram is semi-modular noise synthesizer and fx-proccesor based on digital 8-bit echo chip Ht-8970.
It can be used as flexible delay/reverb processor, fuzz and complex noise generator. All these fx-capabilitys can be mixed and controlled with much flexibility.
First prototype was designated especially for experimental band from Israel - SEVENTEEN MIGS OF SPRING.
Check out the demos but believe me they show only 20% of volфram PoWeR.
20 were made.
update version with 25 patch points and lfo controlled assignable resistor.
Volfram is also compatible with Astat, Corvax, hEX and Volfram expander "
Check out the following clips on Vimeo to get an an idea how it sounds and works:
The price is US$250
If you are interested, do let me know.
aka sin:ned

::vtol:: volfram synth from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

::vtol:: volfram synth from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

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