Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some essential lessons about synthesis !

Very nice lessons here via MATRIXSYNTH JUST CLICK IT !
Read here - the videos follow after the words - thanks MATRIX - this is really a very good lesson(s) for many things regarding Synthesis ! 3 hours of good & humourful material - ENJOY !
Dean Friedman of New York School of Synthesis back in the day. This is a great intro to sound & synthesis. Parts 2 below and Part 3 will follow.

I want to thank Dean Friedman for giving me the permission to put these up and swissdoc for sending them.

Dean Friedman on Wikipedia - be sure to see his full bio for his musical accomplishments. The following is just a portion pertaining to his book on synthesis, the "New York School of Synthesis", and this video:

"In 1985, Friedman produced a seminal work on the newly emerging synthesizer industry called Complete Guide to Synthesizers, Sequencers, and Drum Machines. Whilst dated, this tome is still of use in evaluating devices that crop up on the second-hand market. Friedman also set up the "New York School of Synthesis" and provided a series of videos entitled "Intro to Synthesis". Friedman presents the rudiments of this topic in an audio-visual format, whilst incorporating a unique sense of humor." Note the videos must be from 1988 or later as they reference the Korg M1. Thanks goes to Caixa in the comments for catching this.

You can find Dean's website here: http://www.deanfriedman.com/

Synth Trivia: At the end of the video the credits mention the synths were provided by The Music Connection in Happinger Falls, N.Y. I did a quick search on them and nothing came up.

Note: I added a link to this post in both the Synth Books and Synth Movies sections. There's actually two copies of Complete Guide to Synthesizers, Sequencers, and Drum Machines on Amazon [link] at the time of this post. No pics though.

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